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Come, Travel With Me

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

The corona virus has forced most of us to stay home. If you’re like me, you miss social contact: a latte at a café, an outing to a sporting event, a restaurant meal, a concert. When people can travel freely again, will you take that coveted vacation? Personally, I no longer feel the need to tour our planet. Since childhood, I have been privileged to travel and have seen most of the world. Still, when the pandemic allows free movement again, I would welcome a short trip to stay in a hotel for the weekend. Germans have a noun for it: Tapetenwechsel, which means 'change of wallpaper'!

Recently, countless people had to cancel travel plans. Airlines grounded their fleets, ships remained in harbor, hotels closed their doors. Some of you might have anticipated a first trip abroad or a honeymoon on an island resort. Even a drive to the mountains or to the seashore became unwise. Where would you stay or eat? And the National and State Parks closed.

In time the restrictions will be lifted, and people will again visit places on their bucket list. But, for now, confined as we are, why not get a copy of At Home On the Road, and join two-world travelers on a journey through North America?

In 1999, my husband Ian and I sold our home in Miami, bought a converted bus, and became nomads. For over two years we enjoyed a thrilling adventure. We crossed rivers and meadows, drove through deserts and over mountains, sought wildlife on lonely roads in rough country. If you read my book, you will experience a couple's daily routine, laugh at our inevitable disputes, smile at our countless mishaps. When Ian and I made our journey, we traveled without the luxury of GPS, relied on the AAA American Road Atlas, and dealt with rudimentary cell phone coverage. And yes, confinement tested our marriage. But two years of experiencing nature's spiritual and uplifting beauty only deepened the relationship that Ian and I have.

If you read At Home on the Road, it might inspire you to seek the freedom of a nomadic life. Except for stopping for gas and groceries, you will be able to outwit the current virus or those to come. Wherever you go, I wish you the best of journeys.


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Jun 29, 2023

Interesting.I am curious to know about your adventure.Early during my marriage I used to say to my husband.I would like to explore America in an RV.Not à fancy one .Badic and take the girls on a trip and time of their life they probably will remember forever.It didn't happen.Now the children are in their 50 and have their own 7 of them .From 24 down to 12. They have an active life . Where did you end up after this adventure?

Ilona Duncan
Ilona Duncan
Jun 30, 2023
Replying to

Thanks for your interest. I suggest you read my book "At Home On the Road" - Also you can contact me. Go to the contact page on my website,


Gail Kenna
Gail Kenna
Jul 13, 2020

Waiting for your next blog! Thanks for these.

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