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At Home On the Road
A Wayfaring Couple in North America



Friends and family placed bets when they heard Ilona and Ian Duncan’s plan. What? Two successful, strong-willed professionals would sell their Coral Gables home, buy a converted bus, and travel permanently? Really?  How long would the Duncan marriage survive a confining 350 square-foot confinement in a home on the road?

Humorous, vivid, informative, and entertaining, Ilona Duncan’s memoir, Home on the Road details a two-year adventure in North America. The worldly, adventuresome couple seeks wilderness and wildlife. They prefer rough country and lonely roads. Mountains, meadows, rivers, and desert become their home. Despite inevitable disputes and countless mishaps (humorous in retrospect), this risk-taking couple experiences nature’s spiritual and uplifting beauty. And through this journey, Ilona and Ian re-discover their deep love of each other.

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My Jewish Great Grandmother

ISBN-13: 978-1544921075

For Ilona Duncan a distant relative determined her life’s direction. Born in Germany during World War II, she could not escape the reality of having a Jewish great-grandmother. The most poignant example of this injustice was that Ilona never knew the identity of her real father. As a teenager she learned about the Holocaust and Germany’s wall of silence concerning the Third Reich. Her Jewishness, distant as it was, eventually led to her desire to divorce her Fatherland.

And in 1964 she left for Paris, never to return to live in Germany again. In her memoir she recounts the difficult journey from her student days in Paris and London to becoming a Pan American stewardess and a citizen of the world. Throughout a determined and courageous life, Ilona could not shed a painful antipathy toward the country of her birth. Only in writing My Jewish Great-Grandmother, did she rediscover her father and came to peace with her Vaterland.   

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